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At the homie @rivaflowz open mic, snapped a photo of @carlarenee performing! (at Brooklyn, NY)

Visited the Boston Bombing Memorial last year this is one of my favorite photos from there I took. Thought I’d share on the one year anniversary of the attack. #bostonstrong #neverforget

Chillin on this beautiful day at the Helipad in NYC. Whose bout that helicopter tour life? Let me know, i’m tryna do this one day lol (at Helicopter Flight Services, Inc.)


#tbt last year at @greekdomnyc |one of my favorite photos I’ve taken #sgrho @thaikickflykick (at

- my main mode of transportation (at

-34st subway track | #nyc (at

-if you got someone special in your life, let them know how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. don’t wait until it’s too late to let them know how you feel (at

-quotes you find on the brooklyn bridge. | (at

-if your able to see the sun everyday.. be thankful. (at

-manhattan (at

starting a natural hair project. if you wanna be included let me know! (at

she has my heart | #nyc #silhouette #dwoodsonphotography

˙ ǝ u ɐ l ˙ u ʍ o ˙ ǝ ʇ ɐ ǝ ɹ ɔ (at

#NY (at New York City)

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