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"When the dark clouds of DOUBT, ANGER or WORRY begin to move upon you, steady yourself in the knowledge that in time, the storm will pass." #dwoodsonphotography #silhouette #manhattanskyline

@ruebenrandle82 #Giants


Cruised the Hudson on a Yacht last night with great people. S/o to @smg_bsi_jeremy & @thaikickflykick. Fyi, that @tequilaavion is good AF!

Myles: “I DONT CARE”

Me: “don’t eat the cupcake like that Myles, it will get all over your face”

Ridin with my patna (at Richmond, VA)

One last island sunrise. Back to reality today 😞


at San Juan, PR

#toughtimes (at San Juan, PR)

#sanjuan (at San Juan, PR)

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